We tried selling our house ourselves, thinking it was a nice house and how hard could it be? It was a terrible experience working with the wrong buyers and buyers agents with no representation. we definitely weren’t prepared for it and was a huge waste of time. We learned very quickly the value of a good agent to represent us and when we had enough we chose Robert Millage as our relator. We are so glad we did! Robert took care of everything for us, found us the right serious buyer for our house, and we were able to close at a fair price. He’s straight forward and honest with everyone involved with no frills or smoke and mirrors and I appreciated that. I’d definitely recommend him again and again.

Carrie Wiley

I sought out Idaho Country Properties in June 2021 while looking for property to purchase in Idaho. Realtor Jamey Hix was the only one wearing camo in her profile picture, which assured me that she would understand my needs. Perhaps there are better metrics for selecting a realtor, but it worked out extremely well in my case. We recently closed on my new property purchase.

There is a lot of competition for good land in Idaho. Success goes to those who can be the first to locate, visit, and negotiate an offer. Jamey was totally on point through the whole process, and her responsiveness on par with the best business people I’ve ever worked with, in any trade. Each time I communicated a decision to Jamey, it’s like she launched out of the gate at the Kentucky Derby to deliver a flaming hot potato to the seller’s agent or title company. There was zero delay.

Jamey didn’t sacrifice quality or proper due diligence, either. She simply listened very carefully when I spoke, and grasped my concern or question noticeably quicker than the norm. She then deployed her extensive experience to educate me and lay out options in a neutral and fact-based manner. Her listening skills and experience truly made things work very efficiently.

All of this while being very down-to-earth, flexible, and pleasant. If you have any real estate needs in her area, I would highly recommend contacting Jamey Hix.

Dan L. – Idaho

My husband and I just started the process of looking at real estate in your area and we want to recommend for anyone else in the market there to consider working with the agent Brenda LaBudie. She has gone above and beyond to help us from finding homes to answering all of our many questions about the area. She is a delight to work with!

Terri Beecher – Colorado

“Idaho River Land is your go-to real estate agency for Kamiah Idaho and surrounding communities from the Clearwater River Valley and up top on the Camas Prairie of Central Idaho.”

Mary M. – Idaho
Great properties, and very talented agents. The best way to find your dream home!
Wendi T. – Idaho